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March 9, 2023

1. Puredhamma.net, which discusses Buddha’s teachings per Tipiṭaka, is now available in Hindi (the primary language spoken in India) thanks to LayDhammaFollower. He has been an active participant in the “Forum” at puredhamma.net. I was happy to see his remarkable progress over time. 

2. LayDhammaFollower would like to remain anonymous. I asked him to provide a brief background of him, and he has sent the following:

  • I am 23 years old man from India. I was born in a Hindu family; I used to believe in rebirth even before coming to Buddha Dhamma. I studied physics in college. Before coming across the puredhamma.net website, I wandered for a few years, searching for answers to questions of meaning, purpose, suffering, etc. I did read many kinds of literature. I hoped that somewhere in some book, someone has figured out the final answers to questions about the whole universe and our purpose in it or at least how to be permanently happy.
  • All answers had flaws and were not as precise or accurate as Buddha’s dhamma. If they were good at giving an answer to one question, they would fail to provide a satisfactory answer to another related question. No explanations were as consistent and logical as Buddha Dhamma.
  • From whatever piece one starts understanding Buddha Dhamma, the same picture emerges from a jigsaw puzzle every time. I got answers to all philosophical questions I ever had via Buddha Dhamma. I sought answers to questions of epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, etc. I found them in Dhamma. 
  • Today, Many contemporary teachers outside of Dhamma teach that it is attachment to “pleasurable things” that causes suffering. But no teaching has an actual answer about how to go about getting rid of all forms of attachments. Only a Tilakkhana analysis can do it, which is not found anywhere except in Buddha dhamma.
  • For some years now, thanks to the efforts of a few bhikkhus and the puredhamma.net website, many seekers have been gaining invaluable permanent mental peace due to the teachings of Buddha Dhamma.
  • The fact that Lal is a physicist has made an immense impact on the precision and accuracy with which dhamma is communicated on the English website. Otherwise, it would have been easy to miss the subtle aspects of Dhamma.  I hope to achieve the same accuracy and precision on the Hindi website.
  • Today, many people have many misconceptions about Buddha Dhamma and have been miseducated to their no fault. For example, labeling Ānāpānasati as “Breathing meditation” has misled many people. Furthermore, the importance of moral conduct (sila) has been under-emphasized. A moral mindset is necessary to comprehend the deep Dhamma of the Buddha.
  • I hope to counteract some of these wrong beliefs by providing the Hindi translation of the purdhamma.net English articles on the puredhamma.in website.

3. I believe LayDhammaFollower has a good understanding of Buddha Dhamma. 

  • He is starting with a single post and hopes to translate many more. But he understands that accuracy takes precedence over quantity.
  • Much merit to him and his family for embarking on this meritorious deed!
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