World Historical Timeline

It will be convenient to have a timeline of the major world events that I can refer to in my posts. Please let me know any errors that you may see. My goal is to provide a consistent and accurate timeline.

Note: I used c. to denote circa or about

I have added descriptive links to some events, and will try to add more links in the future.

Before 10k BCELast Ice Age
3.1k BCEFirst king of Egypt, King Menes
2.5k BCEMohenjo Daro civilization in India
2.1k - 1.6k BCEThe Xia Dynasty of China
Before 1.7k BCEAbraham came to Jerusalem from Ur (Old Testament)
1.4k BCECity of Troy, kingdom of Crete, and other Greek cities
1.4k - 0.9k BCEOlmec civilization in Mexico
776 BCEFirst Olympiad
558-530 BCECyrus ruled North India
Until 536 BCEDaries I, II, III ruled North India; until Chandagupta, Persian and Greek kings ruled North India
563-483 BCEBuddha Gotama
470-399 BCEPhilosopher Socrates
538 BCEOld Testament was written
424-348 BCEPlato: First Western philosopher whose writings survived intact
384 - 322 BCEAristotle: student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great
c. 333 BCEEmperor Alexander's Empire peaks
323 - 325 BCEAlexander the Great in India
268-231 BCEEmperor Asoka ruled North India
307-276 BCEKing Devanampiyatissa in Sri Lanka
247 BCEVen. Mahinda in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
41 BCEBeginning of the Roman Empire
29 BCETipitaka written down in Sri Lanka
6–4 BC to 30–33 ADJesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ
31 BCEAugustus becomes the first Roman Emperor and ruled until 14 CE
c. 150-250 CELife of Nagarjuna; considered to be the founder of Mahāyāna Buddhism
After 200 CERoman empire starts to decline
4th century CEBuddhism introduced to Korea
380 CEChristianity became the official religion in Roman empire
5th century CEBurma adopts Theravada Buddhism
412-434 CEBuddhaghosa arrives in Sri Lanka and writes Visuddhimagga
552 CEBuddhism enters Japan from Korea
589 CEFirst Chinese commentaries written
586 CEBeginning of the Dark Ages in Europe with the decay of the Roman empire
6th century CEFirst diffusion of Buddhism in Tibet
570-632 CEProphet Muhammad
622 CE - (1258-1492) CE Islamic Golden Age
618-907 CEChinese T’ang dynasty; golden age of Buddhism in China
1215 CEKing John signs the Magna Carta granting rights to English citizens
1280 Eyeglasses invented in Italy
c. 1420 - c. 1600Renaissance in Europe starting in Florence, Italy
1450Gutenberg in Germany invents the printing press
1492 Modern Age begins with the arrival of Columbus in America
1564–1642Galileo Galilei
1596–1650René Descartes
1610Galelio announces observation of mountains on the Moon and the existence of four planets.
1642Adding machine invented by Blaise Pascal
1643–1727Isaac Newton
c. 1650 - c. 1800European "Enlightenment"
1662Fermat's Principle of Least Time
1678Huygens' wave theory
1687Newton published Principia Mathematica
1688English revolution
1698Steam engine invented by Thomas Savery
1749–1827P.S. de Laplace
1774Priestly isolates oxygen
1776America declares independence from England
1789French revolution period
1791Steamboat invented by John Fitch
1798Vaccination invented by Edward Jenner
1804Locomotive invented by Richard Trevithick
1809–1882Charles Darwin
1816 Huygens–Fresnel principle explaining light interference
1821Faraday demonstrates the principle of the electric motor
1822Charles Babbage designs his first mechanical computer
1826Photography invented by Joseph Nicephore Niepce
1834Refrigerator invented by Jacob Perkins
1835Morse code invented by Samuel Morse
1837American Samuel Morse invented telegraph
1842Anaesthesia invented by Crawford Long
1843Typewriter invented by Charles Thurber
1846Rotary printing press invented by Richard M. Hoe
1859Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species
1868Poisson explained Young's double slit experiment with Huygens–Fresnel principle
1869Mendeleev produces the Periodic Table
1873Maxwell states the laws of electro-magnetic radiation
1877Phonograph invented by Thomas Alva Edison;Microphone invented by Emile Berliner
1878Edison invents the incandescent lamp
1883First skyscraper built in Chicago (ten stories)
1888Hertz produces radio waves
1893Wireless communication invented by Nikola Tesla
1895Diesel engine invented by Rudolf Diesel
1898Remote control invented by Nikola Tesla
1900Planck develops quantum theory
1901Vacuum cleaner invented by Hubert Booth
1903Powered airplane invented by Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright
1905Einstein proved that photon is a particle
1905Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
1907Color photography invented by Auguste and Louis Lumiere
1908Henry Ford mass-produces the Model T
1919London to Paris air service begins
1923Sound film invented by Lee DeForest
1923Edwin Hubble discovers the first galaxy other than Milky Way
1928Antibiotics, penicillin invented by Alexander Fleming
1937Jet engine invented by Frank Whittle and Hans von Ohain
1937Alan Turing develops the concept of a theoretical computing machine
1945The atomic bomb
1951Nuclear power reactor invented by Walter Zinn
1957Sputnik I and Sputnik II: Sputnik I and Sputnik II are launched by the Russians
1958The first integrated circuit, or silicon chip, is produced by the US Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce
1960Laser invented by Theodore Harold Maiman
1961Uri Gagarin is the first man in space
1965The Big Bang theory confirmed by Penzias and Wilson
1969Neil Armstrong sets foot on the moon
1971E-mail invented by Ray Tomlinson
1971Floppy Disk invented by David Noble with IBM
1973Ethernet invented by Bob Metcalfe and David Boggs
1973Personal computer invented by Xerox PARC
1983Camcorder invented by Sony
1990World Wide Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee
2001World center attack
2001Digital satellite radio
2003Completion of the Human Genome Project
2008Discovery of ice on Mars
2014First comet landing
2014NASA completes a successful test flight of Orion spacecraft for future trips to Mars
2014Number of websites on the internet reached 1 billion
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