News Article on Robin Williams and Buddhist Meditation

I have not read the books written by the author of this following news article, so I cannot comment on his books. But I thought this sad news about Robin Williams illustrates the concept of anicca (that one cannot maintain anything to one’s satisfaction in this world and that there is hidden suffering). He had more than enough money and fame, but apparently he was depressed in the latter years.

    • Having a peaceful mind cannot be matched by any amount of money or fame; see, “First Noble Truth – A Simple Explanation of One Aspect“.
    • According to the Buddha, the suffering is proportional to the craving. Getting old is more stressful for those who have enjoyed beauty, fame, power, etc. But the inevitability of old age and dying is common to us all.
  • Buddhist meditation is primarily on understanding the true nature of the world and that hidden suffering may come out unexpectedly; that understanding itself makes one have a peaceful mind; see, “Introduction to Buddhist Meditation“.
  • When depression or old age hits, the mind gets weak. Thus one should preferably start when the mind is sound and healthy.
  • Suicide can only make things worse in the “long term” in the rebirth process. It is never too late to start at any stage. Human life is rare and should not be wasted at any stage.

Article: Meditation Isn’t Enough: A Buddhist Perspective on Suicide

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