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      Hello everyone 

      I want to know what is the best thing we can tell to someone who pratice the Dhamma to becomes a buddha or one of his disciples ? I know a monk who told me he want to becomes a buddha. He pratice the paramis for this purposes. He is a good teacher for me. I also know a layman who pratice the dhamma to be a monk disciple of lord buddha Metteya. What can i tell to them? Did i encourage them or i try to convinced them to pratice until arahant stage in buddha Gautama’s sasana ?

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      What you should do is encourage anyone to learn Buddha Dhamma. 

      • Whether anyone can even be a Sotapanna depends on that person’s abilities.
      • Each person will make progress in their own way. Of course, one may become a Buddha if one cultivates all the requirements; that usually takes a long time, certainly not within this life or even within this eon (Maha Kappa) because the next Buddha to appear (Buddha Maitreya) is already in the Tusita Deva realm. 
      • But there could be a few Bodhisattas in the process of fulfilling those capabilities. 

      This idea that anyone can be a Buddha, like Buddha Gotama, is a Mahayana idea. See “Key Problems with Mahāyāna Teachings.”

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      Alright thank you Sir 🙏🏿.

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