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      To help reduce the kamma vipāka of the body and all its ailments try moringa. It is truly astonishing in its ability to ward off/protect from issues that come with these bodies. You can see a list of moringa nutrients and effects here.

      There are many sites out there to help you learn more, but beware of cheap and ineffective products on the market. Look for products from India, without gluten, preservatives, refined sugar, fillers/additives, artificial ingredients and are not expired or near the expiration date. After processing, the nutrient levels begin to degrade in 60 days.

      Much metta!

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      Another word of caution. This is a very powerful supplement and I’ve noted that at the recommended dosage, I get nauseous. I think it’s wise to consider your body weight, nutritional habits and needs. Too much of a good thing, even supplements, can bring kamma vipāka. :D

      Here’s another thing to consider when it comes to diet and lifestyle, recently in preparation for a monastic stay, I’ve incorporated the 8 monastic code precepts. #6 is to abstain from untimely eating, that is no eating after the zenith (noon). The first couple of days were full of cravings, but this brought to attention the suffering caused by the food asava to come out of hiding. Now, I’m finding more joy in preparing it for others and keeping the nutritional value high as there are only two meals before noon. It is amazing how much more at ease life is with just cutting out that evening meal.

      May the blessing of Triple Gem be with you…always!

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