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      This thread is intended to be a place for videos and documentaries helpful in correcting wrong views in friends and family.

      If you stumble upon relevant videos please post them here. Such that those of us in need of convincing evidence to open the minds of friends and family have it readily available.

      Relevant topics for videos and documentaries to help correct the 10 wrong views are:

      1. Rebirth accounts and similarities through history (even Judaism had it)

      2. Kamma and Vipaka; how it works importance of doing good and of mother and father

      3. Good documentaries of the life of the Buddha

      4. Psychic abilities and accounts of yogis

      5. Gandhabba and Para Loka: NDE, OBE, no proof of consciousness originating from the brain

      6. Proof of Devas, ghosts and spirits: Flying lights (most UFOs are devas), beings, miracles

      7. Mundane videos on benefits of giving, virtue and meditation

      Please, if you find any good videos please post them here, even the ones elsewhere on this site.
      Don’t forget to mention which views your videos address.

      May this thread will be of benefit to all! And may all beings come to the correct views about this world!

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      Boy who remembers past lives

      I’m always vary and always trying to be rational when it comes to those materials as there is many new age made up stuff that people make to get attention of others for views and monetization to leech off people compulsive day-dreaming and to entertainment by straight lying about what really happens after death etc. but this I think is good one (but still can be made up for the sake of catch up audience)

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      Thank you, AxelSnaxel, for opening this topic.

      I have presented some information in the following posts:

      Evidence for Rebirth

      Boy Who Remembered Pāli Suttas for 1500 Years

      Abnormal Births Due to Gandhabba Transformations

      Manomaya Kaya and Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

      Gandhabba State – Evidence from Tipiṭaka

      There could be more relevant posts. I just remember those offhand.
      – It would be nice if someone reading the forum has had any such experiences (OBE, NDE, etc) and can provide an account of that experience.

      : I am just curious. Which points of AxelSnaxel above do you not believe?

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      @Lal I didn’t mean Axel here really. Back in the days when I was researching supernatural stuff (and the things I experienced) most people just created content based on their imagination not experience to lure people by means of fantasy and “secrecy” but it’s not different then watching horror movie or any other things that excites mind, for those people it does not matter if it’s real or no. :)

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