Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)


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      I came across a video that shows the concept of Niraya hell well. In this video we see a young girl who committed sexual misconduct and an abortion that caused her own death.What also surprised me is that the video indirectly shows the concept of Gandhabba. For example we see the girl watch his own body right before she was taken by the niraya’s executioners. She was brought in front of Judge Yama. He send her in the depths of Niraya for a long time. The video lasts 13 minutes

      WARNING : Please DON’T watch If you an sensitive persons. The video shows different tortures suffered by the beings in this apaya. Unfortunately the reality is much worse. The Lord buddha himself said that no suffering in this human world can be compared to the apaya especially Niraya. The suffering shown in this video is only a pale copy.

      It shows the importance of cultivating the pure Dhamma which leads to the cessation of all rebirth. As long as we remain in Samsarā we will not always have the happiness we want (Annica) and we will inevitably be submissive to the apayas and helpless (Dukkha and Anatta).

       Here the video: 


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