Various Suttas translation explaining many misconceptions

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      Many of those suttas explains misconceptions related to food one can have etc. the essence of what really matters. They are not perfect translation probably but the meaning can be obvious when one have basic understanding of key concepts and Dhamma

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      Thank you, Cristian.
      It is a good resource.

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      I will make this thread now with various suttas that worth sharing but keep in mind about the wrong translations and wrong terms used in english.

      This is very good sutta which explains that one can attain Arahantship with Panna

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      y not

      “…………and wrong terms used in English.”

      To his credit, Thanissaro translates anicca as ‘inconstant’ (which implies the inherent viparinama nature) rather than the more obvious and common ‘impermanent’ (must come to an end). Anicca, of course, is both, and more, depending on how much one is able to see into it.

      This is in fact what the sutta is saying, applied to the five aggregates; on that will depend the level of attainment: Sotapanna, Sakadagami, and so on.

      Thank you Christian,

      Thank you Lal.

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      This sutta is wrongly translated because it’s make no sense + does not explain the proper practice here.

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