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      Hello Lal,

      I am currently reading the Upapatti paticca samuppada cycle on Paṭiccasamuppādavibhaṅga and it seems like I cannot understand a few words.
      And I hope you can translate them for me.
      I will show u the text right now:

      16.1Tattha katamo upapattibhavo? Kāmabhavo, rūpabhavo, arūpabhavo, saññābhavo, asaññābhavo, nevasaññānāsaññābhavo, ekavokārabhavo, catuvokārabhavo, pañcavokārabhavo

      I have put the words that I don’t understand in Bold
      Please try to translate them for me if you can :)

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      Uppatti bhava is where a living being can be reborn.
      – They can be divided into various groups.

      1. One way to categorize is the following;
      – Realms in kama loka (four apayas, human realm, and six Deva realms) belong to “kamma bhava.”
      – The 16 rupavacara Brahma realms belong to “rupa bhava.”
      – The four arupavacara Brahma realms belong to “arupa bhava”.

      2. Another way is to divide uppatti bhava into two categories: “saññā bhava” (with perception or saññā) and “asaññā bhava” (without perception or saññā.)
      – Only the rupavacara asaññā realm belongs to the “asaññā bhava.”
      – Living beings in all other realms have saññā. They all belong to the “saññā bhava”.

      3. The third way of categorization is based on the number of khandhas. “Vokāra” is another name for “khandha.”
      – Ekavokārabhava means “one khandha.” That is the rupavacara asaññā realm. It has only the rupakkhandha.
      – Catuvokārabhava (with four khandhas) includes the realms in the arupavacara Brahma realms, EXCEPT for the nevasaññānāsaññāyatana realm. Those three realms have the four “nama khandhas” but no rupakkhandha (the only rupa in those realms is the hadaya vatthu of those Brahmas.)
      – Pañcavokārabhava (with five khandhas) includes all other realms EXCEPT for the nevasaññānāsaññāyatana realm. Those include ALL realms in the kama loka and also those in the rupa loka, except for the rupavacara asaññā realm.
      – The nevasaññānāsaññāyatana realm has only the “saññākkhandha” (saññā khandha) but that also exists only intermittently. Nevasaññānāsaññā means “saññā” disappears and comes back in a cyclic manner.

      By the way: Please ask an open question, without directing it to me. Anyone can reply if they know the answer to a question or just to make a comment that could be helpful.

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      Does Pañcavokārabhava mean five khandhas? (I see you wrote four but I am assuming this is a mistake because I think panca means five)

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      You are correct, Zapper.
      – I copied and pasted meaning to change to five, but apparently forgot!
      – Just revised my post. Thanks.

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