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      Hello Lal

      I noticed something related to the Dhatus that I don’t understand.

      In the Ultimate Realities Table, there are 6 types of dhātu for a sentient being.

      It is listed there: Vinnana, Patavi, Apo, Tejo, Vayo, Akasa = 6 dhātus for a sentient being.
      Shouldn’t it be called Manodhātu or manoviññāṇa dhātu for a sentient being? The viññāṇa dhātu is the mental side of the world and belongs to the Nama Loka, where kamma bija/namagotta and dhammā are located.

      Isn’t an Arahant considered a sentient being? I think so!!!
      Then it should be 7 dhātus and not 6 dhātus, like in the table!
      Namely, Mano dhātu (or manoviññāṇa dhātu), Patavidhātu, Apodhātu, Tejodhātu, Vayodhātu, Akasadhātu and Kāmadhātu, for an Arahant?

      The Aggregates column would have to be increased by one more column of Citta, Cetasika, Rupa, Nama Loka, and Nibbana since the Kandha would then have to enter the Nama Loka column. Or?
      If you count the aggregates to the ultimate realities.

      Does anyone “around the world” have the complete list of all dhātus? Please post.

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      Hello Tobi,

      “Then it should be 7 dhātus and not 6 dhātus, like in the table!
      Namely, Mano dhātu (or manoviññāṇa dhātu), Patavidhātu, Apodhātu, Tejodhātu, Vayodhātu, Akasadhātu and Kāmadhātu, for an Arahant?”

      • The six dhātus include everything in the world.  Kāma dhātu, rupa dhātu, and arupa dhātu (and kāma loka, rupa loka, and arupa loka) are three parts of the world.
      • An Arahant belongs to Nibbana. However, the physical body (a vipaka) of the Arahant is still in kāma dhātu (but not in kāma bhava) until the death of that physical body.
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