Theory of relativity and Citta

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      (There are definitely better movies out there, but this was the first one I found in English.)

      Theory of Reativity and Citta

      Now I have a question about Albert Einstein’s described twin paradox.

      If the two twins go through the same teaching program during the time they are separated, will they generate the same theoretical number of Citta? Experimental setup: Both have the same premises and are presented with the same films and teaching programs. So both 1 to 1.

      • Before the start of the mission, both persons (A) and (B) are 10 years old
      • Person (A) on Earth is 50 years old after Person (B) returns.
      • Person (B) is 30 years old after return.


      • Question 1: After his return, did person (B) create as many citta as person (A) on earth?

      Because we know that a citta always has the same time /\/\/\/\/\

      • /\| /\| /\/\|/\/\/\

           ]—-]—–> Time

      If question 1 is YES, then this aging refers only to rupa (matter) and not to the mind (nama) and that the thoughts do not arise in the brain/matter, but in the mind (nama) below.

      But if question 2 is NO, then it means that the citta of person (A) and person (B) have different lengths/speeds. This, in turn, means that these are different realities. According to Albert Einstein, the laws of nature are the same everywhere in the universe.


      Question 3: Are there suttas, which describe citta in relation to higher realms? Does anyone know something like this?

      Question 4: Do the citta from certain areas such as Manussa (human) and Arupa Loka (kingdom of gods) really have to be the same length and fast? (Cetasika and Gati omitted for the time being)

      Question 5: I once learned from a Bikkhu that it takes an ārammana to create a citta. Also no ārammana no citta! Therefore, person (B) would have to generate exactly as many citta as person (A) with the same teaching program/environment.


      • or? Well, where is the truth…??

      So, Lal, before your papers collect dust ‘U+1F609’ ;-) I would like to know more about Paramattha Dhammas. I would like to read more about it from you!!!

      Kind regards to all Tobi





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      Hello Tobi:

      I just posted instructions on how to format a post:

      Formatting a Post

      • Those instructions will be useful to all.

      I will read your post and comment later today.

      • But others may want to make their comments. 
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      I watched the video. A discussion on this topic requires understanding the following post:

      Near-Death Experiences (NDE): Brain Is Not the Mind

      The following need to be considered:

      1. Per Buddha Dhamma, thoughts (citta) arise in the mental body (manomaya kaya or gandhabba), not in the brain.
      2. The brain is a billion times slower than the mind (cittas originate in hadaya vatthu in the manomaya kaya).
      3. The “relativistic effects” may affect the brain but not the mind.

      You may want to read the links in the post to get a decent idea of the above concepts.

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        Hello Lal,

        I had already read the report, but not yet the revision of 31/08/2022. Yes, I think the example with the white raven is particularly good.

        Lal thanks for your answer.

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      Glad it helped, Tobi.

      Yes. I try to revise posts when I think about a better way to explain or provide more details.

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