The Pathway to Absolute Freedom, Bliss

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      Reflections of an Amateur Buddhist

      This book reflects my initial summative thoughts and understanding of original Buddhist teachings and their Philosophy learned after attending several preaching and meditation sessions led by Venerable Walasmulle Abhaya Thēro in 2018-19 held in Leicester, London, and Wales. I hope this small text written in simple English would be of assistance to many amateurs like me joining this forum seeking an initial understanding of Buddhist Philosophy irrespective of their own faiths or beliefs.

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      The link provided by Christian did not work. I have provided a valid link for the pdf.

      That book was written by Dr. Chula Goonasekera.

      He sent me a copy to proofread, and I did not have time to go through it. But I did make some suggestions on the spelling of Pali words.
      – I see that he has not changed the spellings but has made a comment about it at the end of the Preface.
      – The above is the final version that he sent me recently.

      Sri Lankans spell Pali words in a unique way according to how the words are actually pronounced. Therefore, the Pali word “anicca” is written as “anichcha,” for example.
      – See, “Tipitaka English” Convention Adopted by Early European Scholars – Part 1” and the second part referred to in there.

      As I mentioned to the author, I did not have time to go through the booklet.
      – But if anyone has questions, please refer to the relevant page number.
      – If I cannot respond to a question, I can ask him to respond.

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