The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?

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      Scientists are examining the new and better pictures of the universe taken with the James Webb Space Telescope launched on 25 December 2021.

      There COULD BE evidence from these pictures that the Big Bang Theory may not be the correct explanation for our universe. These new pictures MAY BE revealing that there are stars older than the age of the universe predicted by the Big Bang Theory.

      There are pending publications (that have NOT been peer-reviewed yet) saying that these pictures invalidate the Big Bang Theory. But we need to wait and see until those papers are reviewed. If proven, this will have significant repercussions for science in general and physics in particular.

      I did a Google search and came up with more information:
      James Webb telescope Big Bang

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      Recently I came across an article that mentioned similar information.

      In this article, it mentions similar things, in addition to some possible challenges scientists that are critical of the Big Bang theory face from their peers and the “establishment”.

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      “Webb Telescope detects Object older than The Big Bang, Current theories fail to explain this”:

      There could be evidence that (i) stars older than the predicted age of the universe exist and (ii) expansion of the universe may not be true.
      – However, scientists will take time to make certain of their conclusions before discarding the current “Big Bang Theory.” Many scientists have spent their whole lives working on the Big Bang Theory.

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