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      I would like to recommend an interesting sutta – DN 23

      This sutta talks about afterlife, a conversation held between a lay follower and a witty arahant. I think this sutta is very useful for those people who are holding on to the stubborn belief that there is no afterlife, especially the view on no spontaneously born beings.

      Also like to mention what constitutes death from Buddhism point of view. In this sutta, it is mentioned that death happens when there is no life faculty, body warmth, and consciousness. I would assume the life faculty here is Jīvitindriya.

      2.9. The Simile of the Horn Blower

      ” In the same way, so long as this body is full of life and warmth and consciousness it walks back and forth, stands, sits, and lies down. It sees sights with the eye…”

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