Sutta Learning Sequence for the Present Day

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      “Those — ranging from the five ascetics to whom the Buddha delivered the first desana to King Suddhodana (his father) in the fifth year after attaining the Buddhahood, and others — had fulfilled most of the requirements to attain the Arahanthood in previous lives: They were “ready” to attain the Arahantship and were able to comprehend the Tilakkhana (anicca, dukkha, anatta) fairly quickly”.
      That means that all we had already previous experiences and then, confirms what I experienced to 12 years of age. Strong Sam
      vega. And the trigger for this was that my Mother was seriously ill and almost died (the same disease from which she would die 10 years later). I woke up on the floor of my room! My father used to put me to bed. So then we came I began to feel an emotion very painful how the world didn’t make sense. It would come and go without warning and I was extremely upset. I felt a very strong anguish and was looking for a place, there was no place to hide, there was no refuge literally speaking! Only almost 3 years late (I was 70 years late) when I had myself rupture of retina and I was all day in a ophthalmologic clinic waiting for the Professor, I finally understood that it had been “Samvega!”!!!

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      Yes, Lvalio. Strong life events can trigger recalling or at least getting the mindset of past such experiences. Sometimes one may not recall that event from a past life, but one may get the “mental impact”.

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      Correct Lal, Sir!
      You are right! Initially I was in doubt in which section should put this post:
      Personal Experience?
      Or Sutta Interpretations?
      Many thanks for moving it to the right section!
      May you and everyone can achieve Nibbana in this very Life

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