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      Hello Pure Dhamma admin,

      I’m very interested in the story in the article:

      How to Evaluate Weights of Different Kamma

      >Once a bhikkhu who had developed abhinna powers was getting ready to drink a glass of water, and with his ability to “see” finer things saw that there were numerous microscopic beings in the water glass. He tried to filter them out, but they were too small. The Buddha then explained to him that it is not possible to live without doing things that are necessary to sustain one’s life.

      Is this in the Pali canon? I tried looking but could not find it but I very well believe it could be true based on the contents however the writing style doesn’t sound like a Pali translation, do you remember where you heard this story?
      Thank you

      – Atlas

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      Oh sorry I didn’t see the panel at the side asking not to direct questions at the admin, if anyone else knows feel free to answer or suggest :)

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      @Atlas: Sorry. I do not know the name of the sutta. I got this information from a recorded discourse by my late teacher, Waharaka Thero. He did not quote the sutta.

      If I come across it, I will post it here. But hopefully someone at the forum may know which sutta it is. Yes. It should be in the Pali Canon.

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