Sotapanna Dhamma Teaching Capability

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      Hi Lal,

      I have a question. The Sotapannas that I know are very erudite and articulate. So was just curious if this is a required characteristic of Sotapanna, meaning does a Sotapanna need to have the ability to teach dhamma to others?

      Thank you.

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      Hello Aniduan,

      I don’t think Sotapannas (or any others with certain magga phala) have similar capabilities for explaining dhamma concepts to others.
      – Understanding and explaining are two different things.

      For example, a Sammasambuddha (like Buddha Gotama) discovers Buddha Dhamma on his own and can also explain it to others.
      – On the other hand, a paccekabuddha discovers Buddha Dhamma on his own but CANNOT explain it to others.

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