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      I came across this video today.

      The British Colonialists Spread Misinformation About the Buddha, a lawsuit claims

      Website of the organization

      Their presentation

      I don’t know any Sinhalese, but anyone that can understand their presentation.

      #1. What are your thoughts and opinions? If it’s not too much work, can you please write a quick summary for those of us that don’t know Sinhalese on some important points that you think is accurate or inaccurate?

      My own thoughts and opinion on matter is that wherever the Buddha was born or the Bodhi tree, etc is . . it’s not the most essential aspect of the Dhamma. What is the most essential is the core teachings such as 4 noble truths, P.S. Tilakkhana, 8 Fold path, and others are received and transmitted as precise and accurate as possible in accordance to the most original / non-distorted / pure Lord Buddha’s and his noble disciples (Ariya’s) teachings.

      I’m open to the idea presented by the organization. Even before this at some point, I had some thoughts about if there were some distortions in the history of the Buddha. I’m not saying if there is or there is not, but whichever way it is, I’m open to the idea.

      #2. Are there any mentions or detailed history / explanation in the “Tipitaka” where exactly Siddhārtha Gautama was born or his background?

      Having looked into the mundane / conventional truths about our current planet, I really started to question about the science, history, education system, medical system / education and other mundane things at our current time and where things are going towards the future. One thing I can share is that the mundane things that we are shown / taught, there are some truths to it, but at the same time (from my own personal experience, seeing) none truths are mixed in with these truths and sometimes it’s completely not true at all and is taken as the truth by the masses which causes them do a lot of harm to themselves and others . . . I guess this is one aspect of being helpless . . . For the person and as a bystander . . .

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      I am sorry. I don’t have time to investigate these issues. But anyone who can understand the presentation in the Sinhala language is welcome to post comments.

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