Shuddastaka and frame by frame experience today

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      This morning, had a profound experience where I was able to see arising and passing away of forms, feelings, perception, preparation and consciousness as in thousands of frames per second. Meaning to say, as the frames consisting of 4 elements arise and pass away, so the 5 aggregates pass away.

      Infact it was so clear that there is only passing away or decay in everything frame by frame.

      If a photographer would take snapshot of say a ball falling from a height and breaking a sheet of glass at 10 million frames per second, the event would be so slow that it seems like nothing is happening at all.

      Today’s experience was like that of 100 million or more fps and how each movement gives an appearance of “ghana sanna” or solidity existence while it is just frame by frame. Not only that, the mind object consisting of rupa, vedana, sanna, sankhara and vinnana also behave the same pattern as that of the suddkastaka.

      Thus, I gained knowledge to see how 8 elements come together and pass away and that what shows up as form is due to condensation called as dhatu.

      This experience I had during a walk in a local park near my home.

      Here are the steps I followed in order to experience:

      1. Started analysing the movements of hands, shoulders, torso, thighs and feet
      2. Contemplated on the movements and how each one looks like a frame attached to something. Example, feet is attached to leg, leg is attached to pelvic bone, pelvic is attached to spine, spine is attached to neck region, neck to head etc., Each is individual but yet functions like a unit.
      3. Observing it deeply showed me how “vinnana” brings this together like a frame of a photograph.
      4. This magician called “vinnana” is bringing together a set of frames to form a movement
      5. The speed is enormous as it creates and destroys in an instant creating that very movement. Each arms, legs, torso etc., is arising and passing away and thus the movement is “just felt”
      6. As I started watching them, was able to discern on the 8 elements in this fashion:

      a. Movement can be possible due to “vayo” or air element
      b. Due to movement being formed (frame per second with vinnana creates the typical connection of these elements) the heat or “tejo” gets in
      c. Due to heat getting generated along with movement, “apo” or water element gets in
      d. These 4 of them work on the “pathavi” or earth element and the mass starts reducing in that frame.
      e. Since all of these happen in “akasha” or space element, there is change in size of the frame – big to small
      f. In each of these, there is colour or “vanna” embedded and has individual shades due to light refracting . That is a fascinating to see
      g. There is juice kind in that called as “rasa”.
      h. Smell is also there in that which is “gandha”
      i. Essential nutrients called as “ojha” is also there

      Not only that, this vinnana adds all of that together and in that every frame to frame, there is a “gap” before the next frame arrives. That is real “peaceful”. As I started observing this gap, the frames started to disappear from the mind’s eye.

      This vinnana is able to assemble and disassemble very fast giving the perception or “sanna” of animation. Thus, all that we call as a “person” or “being” is nothing but an animation of all of the above.

      Not only that, was able to get the hang of understanding through experience what is called as “gandhabba”, This is like a water bubble where in all 6 senses looks like shining due to vinnana.

      Thus, nothing is there in anything to be called “substantial” or “essence” and that became very clear as Buddha explains in various sutta’s.

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      Thank you for sharing your experience, Vilas.

      This seems to be one way to do Kāyānupassanā. To look at and contemplate on how the physical body functions, “frame-by-frame.”

      This is relevant to what I tried to explain with the post, “Vision Is a Series of “Snapshots” – Movie Analogy.”

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      thank you Lal…this was indeed a good experience for me. Also was able to understand about gandhabba within this body and also of 5 aggregates in terms or arising and passing away.

      With this correct understanding of udayabbaya naana, the tanha for sensual pleasures or kama tanha greatly reduced to almost nothing and from morning to now, in the same state.

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