Sanna and Manasikara

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      Tobias G

      Sanna (perception)

      I thought about sanna and I realised that it requires memory to perceive a bird as bird. But manasikara is a different cetasika. How can one recognise a bird only with sanna if sanna is perception? Of course both cetasika are universals in each citta. But what is the difference between the two or better asked how can sanna work without manasikara?

      My ideas is that sanna is just recognising of rupa (form) and it requires manasikara to link it with the word “bird”. Also all the knowledge about “birds” would be stored in nama gotta and has to be built in by manasikara (and cetana). Thus sanna will get stronger/better with each citta in a citta vithi as the information/perception grows.

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      “But what is the difference between the two or better asked how can sanna work without manasikara?”

      As you said, Tobias, both sanna and manasikara cetasika are in ALL citta.
      – They help each other. More precisely, sanna cannot identify an object without manasikara cetasika “pulling in” memories from the past.

      When the word “parrot” is heard, the manasikara cetasika pulls in memories with that word. Then the sanna cetasika identifies that and a picture of a parrot comes to the mind.
      – Of course, the cetana cetasika is responsible for “pulling it all together” with one’s gati and generating vedana, vinnana, etc.
      – We also need to realize that sanna is more than just “identification.” The perception as a “good or bad thing” is also included in sanna. For example, an average human, upon seeing a beautiful object automatically generates a “sukha sanna” or a “nicca sanna.”

      Also, see, “The Amazing Mind – Critical Role of Nāmagotta (Memories).”

      So, it is a bit complex, but we need to contemplate those subtle aspects. You are on the right track. That is vipassana meditation.

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