Religion acted as a hindrance to understand Buddha Dhamma

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      Yash RS

      <sup>I was telling about the philosophy of Buddha Dhamma to my uncle (my mother’s brother) who has adopted Hinduism many years ago. Since me and my family wanted that if anyone understands the Dhamma and attains any magga phala that would be such a perfect thing to do, so we tried to start from our relatives first. We were at my maternal grandmother’s home and i gathered everyone on the terrace to tell about the dhamma. So my uncle whom i am talking about asked many questions such as what is Buddha Dhamma, why one should adopt Buddha Dhamma, How is it different from other religions, etc. I was able to answer all the questions to the satisfaction of him, gave him the information about 31realms of existence (and the logic behind them), why one should keep his/her mind pure especially in extreme situations and why living only a Moral life would do nothing to free oneself from the hidden suffering, the Four noble truths, their meanings and material I think was enough for one to attain the sotapanna stage. Now, he had no questions left to ask, he said I understood everything but I will still follow Hinduism.! Then I again asked that do you have any doubts now?, he said no, but I will still follow Hinduism!Since Hinduism is full of rituals(with no logical and scientific backbone), worshipping of thousands of Gods, and Buddha Dhamma doesn’t contain such stuff, he said that Buddha Dhamma is incomplete!!. I was confused(and rather shocked), if he says he understood everything then why is he making such a statement? I could do nothing but smiled in disappointment. He made statements like -by following such and such rituals I have felt relief and relaxed, and I can see some instances from future as well by following them and blah blah.. I knew he was bragging (his mindset is not of a noble person, he never served his parents, that’s why I know). So what can be the reason of such hindrance of one’s attainment – Religion or Kammic effect ?</sup>

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      It is hard to pinpoint why people can be irrational. But we know that it is not uncommon.

      • Yes. It could be a kamma vipaka too. If he had blocked the path of someone, that would come back to block his path.
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      Tobias G

      Only a few people are able to understand Bhudda Dhamma (panna indriya must be well developed). Most people think, speak and act in irrational way depending on existing kilesa. Your uncle seems to be bound by silabbata paramasa (a sanyoga). That is difficult to overcome. In my experience, few seek truth. But this is a must.


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