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      What is the proper translation of this teaching from the Dhammapada?

      Kiccho manussapaṭilābho, kicchaṁ maccāna’ jīvitaṁ Kicchaṁ Saddhammasavanaṁ, kiccho Buddhānam-uppādo.

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      “Kiccho” means very rare, extremely rare.
      – “maccana jivitam” means “a man’s life”. “Macca” is a man (woman) with a physical body. Even within a human bhava, birth with a physical body is not guaranteed/can be difficult.

      So, it says that it is extremely rare to get a human (manussa) birth, to have a physical human body, to hear (correct) Buddha Dhamma, and for a Buddha to arise in the world.

      The following translation seems to be the closest: “Dhammapada Verse 182

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