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      Hello everyone.

      Does anybody know which Theravada sect Bhante Waharaka was ordained in? If so, are there temples belonging to that sect and/or disciples directly associated with him located in the United States?

      Also, are there any books or talks of his that are available in English?


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      Hi @Vince

      You may read about Ven. Waharaka Abhayarathana Thero’s Biography in Brief by clicking the link.

      There is also an article on My expereinces with Ven Waharaka Thero from

      There are no English Dhamma book (beside Pure Dhamma Essays in Book Format) but only Sinhala Audio CD by Ven. Waharaka Abhayarathana Thero.

      With metta, Seng Kiat

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      Thank you. Yes, I’ve been on before. In the past I’d searched to see if I could find any information about Waharaka Thero in English, and nirvanadhamma was the all I could find other than

      I suppose the the Dhamma interpretations as taught by Bhante Waharaka and Lal have not had a chance spread much outside of Sri Lanka?

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      Hi Vince,

      There is a youtube channel (Dharmayai Obai) with sermons from 2 monks, who follow the same teachings of Waharaka Thero. Sermons of one of the monks is in English.

      You can search for the sermons on youtube “Dharmayai Obai BBE”. Below is a link to one such sermon. BBE stands for Budhu Bana English.

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        Thank you for this, I will be sure to listen to these.

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