Question on Vedana cetasika and javanas

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      What is the difference between the “vedana” cetasika that arises in the beginning stage when the objects impinge on our senses (creating 17 Time moments) and the one (vedana) that appears in later stages? My understanding is that the beginning vedana (that is universal for all cittas) seem instinctual. The later vedanas seem to be more “judgmental”. But I am not getting this. Also why would that beginning vedana (or any citta/cetasika) create a “javana” (running away) if that is a natural process? I can understand javana occuring in later stages when the mind ruminates over the object , wherein there is craving, running away…creating wholesome or unwholesome consciousness.

      Thanks for inviting me to this forum and I hope to enrich myself in these discussions.

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      OK, I believe some of the answers could be meditated upon reflecting on this link. 

      Thank you Sir for being very granular and thorough….

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      I am glad that you found the answer yourself.

      • Yes. Many of these concepts are interrelated and “mixed up.” One can understand more by reading the links provided and “digging deeper.”
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