Question about tihetuka and dwihetuka jati

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      Dr. J Chakma

      Hi all my Dhamma liking friends,
      My question is: suppose a person in this life is born as dvihetuka, can he/she be born a tihetuka in next birth (jati) within same bhava?

      Does one remain dvihetuka for all the human bhava with many jati, if someone has a dvihetuka birth in his/her first jati in current human bhava? If a dvihetuka can become tihetuka in next jati (in same human bhava), how does it happen, because there is no patisandhi at the end of current life within same bhava? Does a different kamma seed comes into play at every jati in same bhava?

      I hope Noble Lal or other friends can provide an answer to this question.
      Metta to all

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      Whether it is a tihetuka or a dvihetuka human bhava is determined at the cuti-patisandhi moment that initiates the human bhava, and then it lasts to the end of that human bhava. Therefore, all human births (jati) are within that bhava.

      So, in a way, practicing Dhamma is as important if one has a dvihetuka bhava. One could make conditions for the next bhava to be tihetuka.

      Of course, it is not possible to determine whether a given person has a dvihetuka or tihetuka bhava.

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