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      Hello dhamma friends.

      My question is really simple, and I hope someone can answer it for me.

      My question is:
      How do I pronounce the ‘H’ in Pali words like bhava, dukkha and lobha.

      For exaple:
      is it like ‘H’ in the word “Have” (it is just spelled normally)
      or is it silent like it is used in some English words.

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      It is not like ‘H’ in the word “Have” in those words you quoted.
      – There, the letter in front of the “H” must be emphasized.
      – The audio files for those words are at “Pāli Glossary – (A-K)” and “Pāli Glossary – (L-Z)

      However, if the letter “H” is at the beginning of a Pali word, it is pronounced as in the word “Have.”

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      Thanks Lal, things are clear now.

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