Pragnā Sāsana & Karunā Sāsana

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      Sammasambodhi Gami

      Theruwan Saranai dear Dhamma Friends !!!

      Its my request to anyone and everyone reading this…

      Please kindly listen to this Excellent sermon by Ven. Waharaka Thero !!!

      Full of gratitude and compassion towards all sentient beings…

      Sadu Sadu Sadu !!!

      The practice of Wisdom AND Compassion 

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      Yes. This is a better format for the translation of Waharaka Thero’s discourses.

      I have not listened to/read it, so I cannot vouch for its accuracy. But if anyone has questions about a possible error with the translation, please comment, referring to the video’s exact time(s).

      Thank you, Sacket!


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      Excellent, Thanks Saket.

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      Theruwan saranai all,

      Thank you Saket for mentioning of the video! I didn’t know about the video.

      While we’re on the topic of Venerable Waharaka Thero’s desana’s. I recently came across two newer English subtitled video’s related to Venerable Waharaka Thero. I’m believe some of you already might have come across them. I’m not sure if they have been brought up here, but I thought I would mention them here as well.

      Ingraining the powers of the nine noblities

      metta, muditha, karuna, upekkha



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      Sammasambodhi Gami

      Thank you so much Triple Gem Student for sharing the Desana with us.

      Many many merits to you. 

      May you achieve the Supreme bliss of Nibbana !!!

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      The following is the latest in that series, which was just posted to Youtube. Thanks to Janith Fernando for sending it to me.

      • Again, if you find anything that needs clarification, please comment and refer to the time in the video. I have not watched either of the videos due to the lack of time. It will be easy to check since both Sinhala, and English versions are there. Thank you, Janith! Much merit for your efforts!

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