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      Thank you so much for this post!

      Sotapanna – One With the “Wider Worldview” of the Buddha

      I have said many times elsewhere that my goal for the rest of this life is to attain the Sotapanna Anugāmi stage, and therefore I spent more of my Dhamma learning time on Samma Ditthi.

      I saw the importance of “world view” from a conversation I had recently with someone of a theistic religion.

      Chronologically, the conversation went somewhat like this:

      This person said something like: “All religions teach people to do good …”

      He then made some comments about how “reincarnation” in Buddhism is confusing and does not make sense.

      I rephrased “reincarnation” as “rebirth” and said that it was actually the world view the Buddha taught, that it was filled with suffering, and that there was a way out.

      After a little more discussion, this person launched into a vehement argument against rebirth, especially how it was not possible for a human to become something non-human, such as an animal. According to his religion, humans are unique in God’s eyes, and animals are for humans’ consumption.


      It is clear that the difference between religions are “views” (let’s call Buddhism a religion here). They may have something similar on the surface, such as a code of moral conduct; but the “world views” among religions differ vastly, and influence our behaviors in ways we may not even be aware of.

      Thank you!

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      Yes, Lang. It is very difficult to overcome those views (ditthi) that have been in families for generations. But, hopefully, at least some will be able to spend time and see that Buddha’s description of the “wider world” must be true.

      All religions are based on “lokiya concepts”.
      – Those were all initiated by humans with the “nicca view” and “nicca sanna“. They try to come up with a permanent existence (in a heavenly realm).

      Buddha Dhamma is a worldview discovered by the Buddha. His was not a conjecture; he saw all those realms and interacted with beings in those realms.

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