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      The Way to Nibbāna – Removal of Āsavā

      in the post #10 said:
      “Everything happens due to kamma” is a misconception. That is a Vedic concept, and is not in Buddha Dhamma.

      And #9 is also missing. I guess that it was removed during editing.

      So the context of #10 can be hardly understood. I think it needs to be modified.

      I guess the original content of #9 would have been the opposite of #10. So it might be “kamma vipaka can come to fruition only if suitable conditions appear.” or something.

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      I have revised that post as well as another related post, “Anantara and Samanantara Paccayā

      Both were old posts and needed revision. Let me know if you have questions on either post.

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      Both are good.

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