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      It’s a minor problem.

      Rūpakkhandha and Rūpa Upādānakkhandha


      • There are four types of upādāna. Those are diṭṭhupādāna (wrong views,) silabbatupādāna (rituals,) kāmupādāna (for sensual pleasures,)  and attavādupādāna (sense of “me” or “mine.”) The first two removed at the Sotapanna stage, third at the Anāgāmi, and the fourth at the Arahant stage of Nibbāna. Note the combination of words. For example, diṭṭhupādāna is a combination of diṭṭhi and upādāna.

      But the recent post(Upādāna Paccayā Bhava – Two Types of Bhava) said:

      Sequence of Removal of Upādāna

      15. The correct order is diṭṭhi upādāna, kāma upādāna, sīlabbata upādāna, attavāda upādāna.

      • One enters the Noble Path by getting rid of diṭṭhi upādāna via comprehending the worldview of the Buddha. This can be done only via learning the correct Dhamma.
      • Then one contemplates the dangers of kāma assāda and gets rid of kāma upādāna at the Anāgāmi stage.
      • The last two are removed completely only at the Arahant stage.
      • All types start decreasing in strength at the Sotapanna Anugāmi stage.

      So it should be revised.

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      Thanks. I revised #2 of “Rūpakkhandha and Rūpa Upādānakkhandha.”

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