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      I have revised #3 of the new post, “Nāma Loka and Rupa Loka – Two Parts of Our World

      I think this makes it a bit more clear about types of “dhātu”.

      Thanks and much merits to Seng Kiat for making the suggestion.

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      Which suttas refer to the nāma-lōka?
      (Or even commentaries or sub-commentaries?)

      This concept of a nāma-lōka makes sense yet searching for it in the suttas, for additional, canonical reference, has been unfruitful. Most hits are to nāma-rūpa, one the 12 nidāna, yet that is not conceptualized as a “lōkaper se; whereas, the rūpa and arūpa realms are both adequately described in the cosmology.

      Perhaps nāma-lōka is a more clear and direct identifier for arūpa-lōka instead of a name that merely negates rūpa-lōka to describe this higher realm. Section 9 of the post seems to suggest this, yet it’s not evident. It seems odd that such an apt term, nāma-lōka, which ties up many loose threads, seems so elusive in the canon.

      Any canonical reference or guidance would be appreciated.

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      Hello Jay,

      Sorry that I missed your post.

      1. Namaloka is the same as vinnana dhatu. I think you will understand it if you read all the posts in the following subsection. The post that you referred to is one in that subsection.

      Our Two Worlds – Rupa Loka and Nāma Loka

      2. I prefer to use the term “nama loka” rather than “vinnana dhatu” since it makes it simpler to understand.
      – The rupakkhandha is associated with the rupa loka or the five dhatus: pathavi, apo, tejo, vayo, akasa.
      – The four mental aggregates (vedanakkhandha, sannakkhandha, sankarakkhandha, vinnnakkhandha) are associated with the nama loka or vinnana dhatu.

      3. If you have questions after reading that subsection, please don’t hesitate to ask questions.
      – But please refer to the specific post and bullet numbers.

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