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      Tobias G

      See Introduction – what is suffering?
      “…Kusalamūla paccayā saṅkhāra” WILL lead to births of Ariyās (Sotapanna through Anāgāmi.)…”

      Rebirth is caused only by akusala mula PS, not kusala mula PS. The kusala mula PS just removes defilements and thus reduces the options for “bad births” via akusala mula PS.

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      That is why in parentheses it says “Sotapanna through Anāgāmi”.

      ariyas below the arahant stage still take births.

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      Tobias G

      That is what Lal translates in the post Kukkuravatika Sutta (Majjhima Nikāya 57) – Kammakkhaya:

      #12: Neither Dark nor Bright Kamma

      “And what, Puṇṇa, is an action that is neither dark nor bright with the neither-dark-nor-bright result, action that leads to the destruction of defilements (and asava/anusaya)? Such volitions (cetana) abandon actions that are dark or bright with dark-or-bright results. Such an action (kamma) is neither dark nor bright with a neither-dark-nor-bright result. Therefore, such actions lead to the destruction of defilements (and asava/anusaya). They do not lead to rebirth in any realm.)”

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      Any statement needs to be taken in context.
      – Rebirth is stopped as one gets rid of the defilements (asava/anusaya).
      – That is clearer with the ten samyojana. Rebirths in certain realms are stopped as one breaks successive samyojana.
      – When all defilements are removed, no more rebirths in any realm.

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