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      Dhammā, Kamma, Saṅkhāra, Mind – Critical Connections

      “However, unlike in the previous case in #4 above, that kamma viññāṇa (kamma bīja) does not go away.”

      I think the sentence should be like this: However, ~, that dhammā created by kamma viññāṇa does not go away. Of course, kamma viññāṇa generates dhammā, but kamma viññāṇa and dhammā are not the same things.

      Kamma Viññāṇa – Link Between Mind and Matter

      “The KEY POINT is that kamma viññāṇa is not totally mental: The mind — when attached to something — will create energy (i.e., a kamma bīja or a dhammā) that will be recorded in the kamma bhava.”

      So kamma viññāṇa is a creator, and dhammā is a creation.

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      I see what you are trying to say.

      However, in many suttas, kamma viññāṇa is used instead of dhammā (kamma bija also means the same thing).
      – For example, some suttas mention “viññāṇa descending to a womb,” implying a gandhabba (created by kamma viññāṇa) descending to a womb.
      – So, one needs to know they mean the same. I think those sentences are fine.
      – Furthermore, in the second case (“kamma viññāṇa is not totally mental” – in the sense that it has ENERGY unlike vipaka viññāṇa), I wanted to emphasize the difference between vipaka viññāṇa and kamma viññāṇa.

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      Okay. I understand it. Thank you for your kind explanation.

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