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      Tobias G

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      In this post it is mentioned that the contact between internal and external ayatana leads to vipaka vinnana. The word ayatana is also used in the post Indriya and Āyatana – Big Difference. There ayatana are explained, #4: “In simplest terms, indriya become āyatana when we deliberately use the indriya to accumulate abhisankhāra.

      That is contrary, because the ayatana are only used to add more san or better, to do abhisankhara and generate kamma vinnana. Are the internal rupa (pasada rupa) always ayatana even when just seeing an object (vipaka vinnana)?

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      ” Are the internal rupa (pasada rupa) always ayatana even when just seeing an object (vipaka vinnana)?”

      I was thinking about how to handle that. It is not a clear-cut issue and that is why I did not address it (I can write only so much in a given post). I will discuss this in more detail in the next post.

      We can say for sure that an Arahant will use pasada rupa as indriya at ALL TIMES.

      A normal human may or may not use a given indriya as ayatana. But it happens often. Furthermore, indriya becomes ayatana in varying degrees, depending on how strong the sensory attraction is.
      – Even for the same external object, two people will “get attached” in different degrees. One may “fall in love” with a given woman, but another may just be attracted. A third person may not even be attracted. It is relative.

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