Post “How Does Anicca Nature Lead to Dukkha?”

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      How Does Anicca Nature Lead to Dukkha?

      When are these SERIOUS issues going to be corrected?

      Misunderstanding of these 2 key issues is so deeply ingrained in many people now. I had a conversation with someone who is “serious” about Buddhism. It’s automatic to this person that anicca is just “impermanence”, and anapanasati is breath meditation, and that the longer one can sit watching the breath the better the meditation . There is no doubt in this person’s mind because she learned this from her teachers, some of whom are prominent bhikkhus.

      Is this kind of instinctive notion a type of niyata micchā diṭṭhi? And that it is so established that a view contrary to it is met with draconian effort, such as the case with the proposed Sri Lankan law?

      And regarding the bhikhhus behind this proposed ban, isn’t their action an ānantariya kamma — causing schism in the sangha?

      “That is especially true for those who believe that the physical body defines a person, i.e., mental phenomena arise in the brain. So, when the brain dies together with the physical body, that is the end of “me.”

      Is this a type of Sakkāya Diṭṭhi?

      Thank you!

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      Yes. You are correct Lang. They are both niyata micchā diṭṭhi.

      It is too bad that many people don’t seem to be able to understand these critical issues.

      This is why I have tried to explain this in several different ways.
      – At least you and several other people seem to be able to understand the importance of these issues.

      This is why I also revised an old relevant post and posted it today:
      Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhimagga – A Focused Analysis

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