Popup Pāli Glossary with Pronunciation

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      For those interested, you may add a new tool for easy look-up of Pāli word that shows as “popup” on the GoldenDict tool.

      This Popup Pāli Glossary with Pronunciation is not a new post, it was there since January 7, 2016.

      The dictionary is in mdx format. Currently, there are three mdx dictionaries in the post Popup Pāli Glossary with Pronunciation.

      Mdx dictionary format (MDict) was created by Mr Rayman Zhang (Year 2002?), similar to StarDict format popular at that time (from Year 2003?).

      Enjoy, using the new tool.

      With mettā, Seng Kiat


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      Thank you, Seng Kiat.

      • We thought of notifying others again about this “popup” dictionary because one of the readers used it and wrote to us to let us know it was useful. 
      • He wrote the following: “This dictionary works well and feels quite helpful to me, mainly enabling me to navigate through your website more easily. “
      • If anyone uses it, please let Seng Kiat know about it here on this thread. He was the one who put it together several years ago. As you all know, he is a co-keymaster for this website and maintains the eBook too: “Pure Dhamma Essays in Book Format.”
      • Much merit to Seng Kiat and his family for all his efforts!
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