Plasma cosmology, dark matter on the way out

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      I found this very interesting video on the forces at play in the universe and the role of plasma, electromagnetism and dust. It gives a lot of good points for dropping the theory of dark matter and energy, as a lot of new research is coming out about the role of electromagnetism.

      I think this will be to the benefit of Dhamma, as it opens up for the possibility that the Big Bang might not have happened. And other big changes in the scientific understanding of cosmology.

      Then there’s a mention of the very interesting patents from the navy mentioning plasma physics. I remember that Abhaya Thero said that the military has aura cameras that could see the aura from a distance. It would be very interesting if this change in science would allow such technology to slowly become public, which would be of great benefit to Dhamma.

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      Thanks for the video.

      Yes. There are some indications that the Big Bang theory could be wrong. There is some evidence of stars older than the Big Bang:

      Big Bang Theory Questioned As Star Older Than Universe Discovered

      Strange ‘Methuselah’ Star Looks Older Than the Universe

      The Greatest Cosmic Puzzle: Astronomers Find Stars That Appear Older Than The Universe

      The bottom line is that life has existed forever. There is no traceable “beginning” to life. They will have to discard the Big Bang theory sooner or later.

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