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      I’m planning a trip to Sri Lanka around the last week of October or so of this year. I’m committed to going, the only thing that will prevent me from doing so is outer circumstances or mundane affairs that I have no control over. The reason for me going around that date is because hoping to take part in a or some kathina ceremonies.  

      If anyone here from PD might have wanted or had thought about visiting Sri Lanka. It would be a honor to meet any of you in person in Sri Lanka and even for a short period, possibly practice together.

      So far from what I know or the tentative plans are is that I’ll be staying at or around a monastery (Venerable Hemaloka Thero, doesn’t speak much English) for around 1 week. Travel to visit the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree and other sacred sites around the area. On the way to there, possibly visit Waharaka Temple and possibly a few Thero’s will journey together to the sacred sites. 

      Concluding my trip I’ll be stay around Dharmayai Obai (D.O.) monastery for about 2 weeks or so.  


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      I’m committed to going, the only thing that will prevent me from doing so is outer circumstances or mundane affairs that I have no control over.

      Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!!


      Wishing you very very fruitful journey to Sri Lanka and hope that may this trip enable you to find answers to all the nagging spiritual questions you have and offer you profound clarity.

      I have also been planning a similar trip for this year itself. I will share more details soon.

      I hope that we can all meet and rejoice in freedom offered to us by The ultimate truth discovered by Supreme Buddha; whose compassion knows no bounds, whose wisdom is unsurpassable;


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      Yes. We wish you a fruitful journey, TGS. Hopefully, LDF will be able to make it too.

      • Don’t miss to see the Ruvanveli Dagaba (stupa) in Anuradhapura (close to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi). 

      It would be nice to hear about your experiences upon your return. 

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      Interesting. A few days ago, I was trying to plan a trip with a friend to Sri Lanka as well. But it would probably be the first week of October since that’s the holiday time here. We’ll probably go to Jethavanarama monastery first, and maybe Waharaka temple depending on how much time we have.

      I’m not sure where Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is located, but we’ll figure things out soon enough. 

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      I’m hoping others can also make the trip! and thank you Lal for the recommendation.

      I brought this up because was hoping some of the forum members here might make a trip to Sri Lanka this year. I was already planning on to be flexible and open to the different dates of travel to Sri Lanka if that allows me to meet up with the other forum members. Personally I wanted go anytime after September and as soon as I can, so my date is not exactly set. If LDF, Jorg and his friend would like to meet up, I can arrange my schedule to / in Sri Lanka to meet up.

      As well Jorg and LDF, if we do end up meeting in Sri Lanka and our planning / timing works out, you’re free to join me and possibly some Thero’s to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and other sacred sites around the area. I heard it would take about 3 days to travel “comfortably” around the area to the other sacred sites. Comfortably meaning not rushing during the travel and having time to meditate around the sites or hoping to anyways. . . 

      Btw Jorg, how long do you plan to stay in Sri Lanka for? For me, it’ll be about 3 weeks. 


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      It would be great if any of us have a chance to get together. Unfortunately, I can’t be completely certain at this point about my stay’s duration. It could be that I may add a week on top of it, meaning I’d be able to stay in Sri Lanka during the first two weeks of October. It depends on work developments, though. But I doubt I’ll be able to stay any longer than that. 

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      Okay, at a later time when you have a better idea about your work developments or what you have decided on let me know then. 

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      Yes, definitely!

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      Theruwan Saranayi friends,

      I have the following update:

      A friend and his wife, and my wife and myself have booked tickets to Sri Lanka. 
      My wife and I will stay a few days longer than them, September 29 (Friday) – October 8 (Sunday). They will leave before the weekend due to work obligations. Now, we have somewhat of an interesting situation, because the two ladies haven’t exactly seen the Dhamma, although one is partly starting to see it.

      However, for that reason we have to do at least some sightseeing, I’m afraid. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out right now. We’ll arrive Friday late evening (29th) and I’d like to get to Jethavanarama Monastery right the following morning. Also not sure how that’s gonna work out, but I’m sure we can arrange it somehow. The last weekend, my wife is okay with us spending our time at the monastery. If the Sunday morning sermon in Colombo continues like normal, we’ll be going there as well. 

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      Amazing @Jorg.

      I also plan to come to SL in the first week of October. I haven’t booked the tickets yet.

      I will be more than happy to meet you there. I plan to do some sightseeing and spend most of my time in JBM. I will spend at least a few weeks in the JBM monastery.

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      Tentatively planning to arrive in Sri Lanka on September 18th. Will visit some sites, then stay in the area of JBM monastery around September 26th and will leave on Oct. 2 back to Colombo and next day fly out.  

      Was hoping to travel to Sri Lanka around the end of September, but mundane affairs factored into the reasons for date of travel. 

      Based on the dates, I’ll be able to meet up with Jorg, but not sure about LDF.  

      Since I’ll be arriving earlier and planning to visit some sites like the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and surrounding area. If Jorg or LDF have any questions like transportation around Sri Lanka or other questions, feel free to ask. I can be contacted by Whatsapp while on the trip (whenever I can use wi-fi).  


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      Great to hear about a possible chance to meet up with you guys. Let’s stay in touch about any updates. 

      Regarding contact details, perhaps it’s better to communicate through email. Thanks to Lal we should all have each other’s emails now.

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