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      Dear Lal and friends,

      Usually, if humans can remember past lifes, they will always remember their past human life which was embodied. It seems less rare that they remember also the time inbetween as a Gandhabba. Why is that?

      Here in Myanmar there are meditation centers that try to establish a very high concentrated mind and then recall past lifes. Then, many people say they can see past lifes as Devas,Brahmas,Peta and animals as well. I suspect that many of them might see a Gandhabba time simply as Deva life or Peta life, because that is their interpretation. Still it must be harder to cross the threshold to see a Gandhabba period in this bhava compared to the past embodied human life, right?
      In terms of concentration of the mind.

      You write in #14 of

      Antarābhava and Gandhabba

      “Thus, the pubbe nivāsānussati ñāna is limited to looking at past human lives. That is an excellent example that the Buddha clearly stated the concept of the gandhabba. ”

      What exactly is the power of that ñāna?
      1) remembering past embodiment lifes but not Gandhabba periods of the current bhava
      2) remembering both (Gandhabba with and without body) in this bhava
      3) remembering both in multiple human bhava, but not the non-human bhava in between.

      From my understanding it should be 3?

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      I visit the website from time to time.

      In one particular case, the subject describes the interval state (the bottom of the page). Here they call it a spirit being orb.

      Spirit Being Orbs and the Reincarnation Case of Shanti Devi Mathur


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      From the above link by Lang, the informative rebirth account is at:

      Reincarnation Case of Lugdi Chaubey | Shanti Devi

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