Paramitas for attaining margha phala

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      I was listening to a desana by Amadassana Thero and the thero mentioned that to attain Arahantship one has to fullfill paramitas. I have been listening to a lot of desanas by this thero so I am not sure which desana it was, I will post it once I find the specific one. But my question is: even for attaining margha phala one has to fulfill the paramitas? I thought it was only required for Bodhisattvas so they become a Buddha.

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      Paramita” simply means one needs to set up the background required to attain a certain goal.

      Even to achieve a mundane goal we need to set some goals and work to get there step-by-step.

      So, to get to the Sotapanna stage, one needs to fulfill certain requirements. To get to the Arahant stage, those requirements/conditions are higher. Of course, to get to the Buddhahood they are much higher.

      See,”Pāramitā and Niyata Vivarana – Myths or Realities?

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