Pali terms and claims to attainments

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      I was searching on the internet for the term “adduwan”, which I found in this post. I found few results about Buddhism except for this blog. Lal, do you think his explanation of the three marks is adequate? It seems to be consistent with my understanding and was is expounded here at this Pure Dhamma site.

      He links to this interview on his blog where he claims to have attained the Sotāpanna stage. At 42 minutes he describes being aware of the process of “selfing”. “There would be the very beginnings of one coming up, but because you were watching it come up, […] they’ll start just dropping off.” Is this consistent with the explanation here?

      I wanted to know the origin of the phrases “Jeevitan aniyatam, Maranan niyatam” and “addhuvam jeevitam, dhuvaṃ maranam”, so I searched for “addhuvam” and from what I found it comes from the Dhammapada commentary on verse 174. I believe there is no english translation of this Dhammapada commentary and I could not find the original in Pali either.

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      I am sorry. I don’t have time to read whole posts by others.

      Could you quote relevant parts from those EXTERNAL posts?

      By the way, the following Pali dictionary has the translation correctly:
      Concise Pali-English Dictionary – A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera
      “addhuva : [adj.] unstable; impermanent.”

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