One subtle aspect about getting rid of kāma rāga saṃyojana.

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      Whenever there is arising of sensual thoughts, there is urge to indulge in some sensual pleasures. Which can range from food, music to sex etc.

      Now, what we should do is we should not identify with this urges.

      When this Sensual urges comes in mind, usual thoughts that comes to mind is that this is “my urge”, this is “my wish/want/need”, “it is me, who wants to indulge in this activity” etc.

      This is a big hindrance on path to get rid of kāma rāga.

      This thoughts of “me/mine” are problematic because they reinforce the false “sense of self”/PañcaUpādānakKhanda.

      This “sensual mano saṅkhāra” are not actually “me” or “my mano saṅkhāra”. They are just mano saṅkhāra, not “me” or “my saṅkhāra”.

      It is NOT really “my urge”, “my want”, “my desire”, “my need” etc. It is just urge produced by causes and conditions, we have power to change this urges from arising, by contemplating bad consequences of sensuality and getting rid of akusala gati.


      To summarise:

      When there is identification with sensual mano saṅkhāra (laced with kāma rāga) as “me/mine” it become very hard to get rid of this bad gati. Because, instinct of “self preservation” kicks in. But, when it is seen with the wisdom that this sensual thoughts are not only “me/mine”, but, they are actually harmful immediately and in long term. It become much easier to get rid of those thoughts.

      Identifying with sensual thoughts with “me/mine” thoughts is bit like keeping your enemy close to yourself.

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      Yes. Quite true.

      But it is important to note that only the “wrong view of a ‘me'” (sakkāya diṭṭhi) is removed at the Sotapanna stage. The “wrong perception of a ‘me'” (asmi māna) goes away only at the Arahant stage.

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