Nirodha Samapatti and Amoha

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      Is the concept of amoha experienced in the state of nirodha samapatti? Amoha only makes sense to me as a state of being and not a concept to be learned. I’m fairly new to Buddha Dhamma, so forgive my ignorance of the material. Most of what I’ve learned has been through experience.

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      Donna :)

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      I just published a new post “Nirōdha Samāpatti, Phala Samāpatti, Jhāna, and Jhāna Samāpatti“, that would hopefully address your question.

      This post should cover the questions raised in the discussion forum under the topics:” Nirōdha Samāpatti”, “Difference between “Arahant phala samāpatti” and “Nirōdha samāpatti” ?”, and “Nirōdha Samāpatti and Amoha”.

      If there are more questions on this and related issues, please ask them under the topic “Difference between “Arahant phala samāpatti” and “Nirōdha samāpatti” ?”. I am going to close the other two topics, in order to not have too many parallel and related discussions.

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