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      In the new post “Ye Dhammā Hetuppabhavā.. and Yam Kińci Samudaya Dhammam..”, Lal writes about the nimitta.

      I’ve noticed these nimitta (aka, “signs”) not only in meditation, but also during the day. They are highly accurate and have helped me prepare for what’s coming and also to avoid disasters. Are these waking signs nimitta?

      Are these nimittā all bad or are they based off the current state of mind?

      Also, I’ve heard people say that a nimitta is the bright point light one sees while in deep meditative states. Is this a different thing or a mistranslation?

      Much metta.

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      Nimitta is used in two different ways:

      One is a “sign” that comes to the mind as a kamma vipaka, especially close to the cuti-patisandhi moment when one is about to grasp a new bhava. That is the one discussed in the post.

      The second is actually not in Buddha Dhamma, but was incorporated to Buddha Dhamma in the Visuddhimagga by Buddhaghosa. Hindu yogis did anariya kasina bhavana taking some object (ball of clay, dish of water, a light, etc) as the kasina object. This kasina object is also called a nimitta.

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      Bohoma stūtiyi, Lal!


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