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      Hi everyone
      I have registered myself to this website.
      I practice Vipassana meditation , I am from India.
      Came to know about this website few days ago and I am hooked to it, perhaps read all topics.i am addicted.
      Since childhood I was inclined towards spirituality, I have approached and practiced meditation with 2-3 GURUs here, but I was not satisfied, after attending 10days Vipassana course by Shri S N Goenka, I was sure this is the end to my quest, have been practicing meditation since then.
      I learnt Buddha dharma from this website.
      In need guidance, I can sit one hour in meditation without efforts,but when I decide that I would do 2-3 hour or whole night, I lose my concentration and can’t focus after sometime.

      Can somebody guide, I have understood that human life is very important I want to make use of every minute of it but cant meditate for longer duration.


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      y not

      Hello ashish:

      My experience is this: going about your daily routines reflecting on a Dhamma concept, not exactly at the back of your mind, but being ever mindful of it, giving it all your inner attention,is meditation. At times insight into something you had not seen before comes in this manner.

      I read only about an hour at a stretch, perhaps three or four hours in all at most in a single day. Never done meditation courses – I am averse to all laid-down techniques and instructions by my very nature. That may not be so with others – so see what others have to say as well.

      And yes, a human life is VERY important -especially when there cannot be much of it left.

      y not

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        Thank you.

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      Welcome to the discussion forum, Asdish!
      I am gald that you find the website useful.

      There are over 500 posts at the site, and which posts/sections are suitable for a given person depends on the person. This could be a good start: “User’s Guide to Pure Dhamma Website“. Also, read the recent discussions at: “General Forum“, and any other forums that grabs your attention.

      Once you see a hook (a point that makes sense), just go deeper from there. Ask questions if something is not clear. The “Search” box on top right is really good in finding relevant posts using key words/phrases.

      A suggestion that I made in another discussion is: Stay away from dasa akusala as much as possible and read posts in sections that you understand, rad the links to other sections given there, and so on. Those two things help each other; just doing one is not enough. Purification of the mind comes from both.

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        Hello Mr.Lal
        Thanks for your reply.
        I have read most of your posts, can I progress more rapidly if I meditate more and avoid dasa akusala ?Can u bring more light on Insight meditation?


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      Hi Asdish: Yes. you can progress rapidly by avoiding dasa akusala and doing meditation.

      However, meditation should not be restricted to formal mediation. One needs to be on the lookout for any defiled thoughts that come to the mind at all times. This is real Satipatthana (“sati” + “patthana” or being aware of where the mind is trying to get loose and go off in tangents); see, “Correct Meaning of Vacī Sankhāra“.

      You may also want to go through the following series, after covering above:
      Three Marks of Existence – English Discourses

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