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      Dear Lal, dear friends,

      I found these new discourses in English subtitles on Youtube.

      This is part 1:

      This is just a recommendation for anyone interested. Then I have another point to ask about.

      In part 5,

      The first 8 minutes are concerning the topic ‘Sri Lanka’. It is hard to understand the full context of that discussion, but it seems that the listeners and Waharaka Thero are talking about the point that the Buddha was somehow originating from Sri Lanka, as to my interpretation. One quote from 7:36:
      “Waharaka Thero: There are many an evidence to prove the origin of the Buddhism in Sri Lanka, in many aspects.”

      Now, I was surprised about that, and I never heard any particular points here on your page, Lal. I am interested to hear about your point of view on these first 8 minutes. From checking this page, I found that in the Historical section, you follow Bhikkhu Nanamoli’s statements that Sri Lanka was introduced to Buddhism by Asoka’s son, Arahant Mahinda.

      Hope to hear from you,

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      Yes. This was an early discourse by Waharaka Thero.

      He has said that there is some evidence that the Buddha was born in Sri Lanka. But he said (at 8:30 minutes of the above recording) that it is not the time to bring it up.
      – Bringing up this issue leads to unnecessary controversies that will distract from learning/teaching Buddha Dhamma.
      – Further archeological studies will establish the truth one way or the other. There is no need for us to have a debate or even express opinions.

      Therefore, I would like this discussion to end here. Let us focus on learning Buddha Dhamma.

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