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      I have recently come across a book on Near death experiences (where people are actually dead for a minut or so). This book is pretty serious, writen by a psychanalyst, who studied and compiled thousands of nde stories and managed to extract 10 common points to these stories, meaning things that happen consistently, for exemple flying above your body, etc….

      One thing that retained my interest is that many people relate that they came in conctact with close loved ones at the time of death. I personnally feel these stories are authentic, at least the person telling them are not telling lies consciently.

      I wonder what you would make of these accounts? It seems they contradict the vision of the after life taught by buddhism. Do you consider these stories as to be discarded, and mere dellusions? Because thousands of nde accounts have these elements.

      What is your opinion about it?


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      Hello yann,

      You may not have seen MANY posts on this site about OBE/NDE.

      See, for example, “Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) and Manōmaya Kāya

      There are two sections:

      Gandhabba (Manomaya Kaya)

      Mental Body – Gandhabba

      We have had many discussions on the subject at the following discussion forum:
      Gandhabba Forum

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      You may not have read my question correctly

      Dead people meet their dead relatives “on the other side”. This directly contredicts the teachings on your website.
      Thousands of nde experience contradict your views on the afterlife

      Clear enough?
      Or more clarity needed?

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      “Dead people meet their dead relatives “on the other side”. This directly contradicts the teachings on your website.”

      You don’t seem to understand the concepts described. I am not blaming you, but it takes an effort to grasp these complex issues.
      – I am not obliged to explain anything to anyone, even though I try to do my best.
      – If you don’t like the explanations you don’t have to read the posts here.
      – If there are issues that you don’t understand, and you like to find the answers, ask questions respectfully. These issues are complex, and it is not possible to explain everything in a few posts. Furthermore, once one understands the basics, one should be able to figure out some of the related issues (depending on the level of understanding).

      For the benefit of others:
      Gandhabba that comes out of a “dead person” IS THAT SAME PERSON (without the physical body). Sometimes they live in the paraloka (where gandhabbas live) with a “fine body” that is quite similar to the body that died.
      The paraloka is very complex. Some of the dead relatives may be in paraloka with such “fine bodies” still recognizable. Living beings with similar gati tend to get together, so a person having NDE experience may be drawn to those in the paraloka with similar gati. That is why sometimes people who had NDE experiences say they met dead relatives.
      – However, some change their gati rapidly while in the paraloka. Also, many may not be human gandhabbas anymore (they may be born in other bhava, such as Deva, animal, peta, etc.)
      – In some NDE cases, a person may be drawn to a part of paraloka that is almost like a deva loka (with gandhabbas with “deva gati.” They say they visited “heaven”. See, for example, the book “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” by Eben Alexander. Also, see:

      – This is why there are many types of NDE experiences reported by different people.

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      I had watched the above video a couple of years ago and had forgotten the details. I watched it again yesterday.

      Key points from the video:

      1. The author, Eben Alexander, is a neurosurgeon whose brain was attacked by a bacterium and the neocortex was “virtually destroyed.”

      2. Thus, his brain COULD NOT have made up any illusions, according to the attended doctors.

      3. He had been adopted at an early age, but he found the biological parents later in his life.

      4. He describes the NDE experience as a “visit to heaven” because of his faith in Christianity.

      5. He met a “beautiful girl” during the NDE experience. She was a total stranger to him.

      6. AFETR the NDE experience, he was shown a picture of a biological sister of his who had died many years ago, BEFORE he met his biological parents. Then he recognized that girl as the “beautiful girl” that he saw during the NDE experience.

      That last revelation comes at the very end of the video. I think it is worthwhile to watch the whole video carefully.

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