Music for meditation and anxiety relief

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      Greetings Dhammanians,

      I joined this forum hoping to find musical feedback from people who treat relaxation and meditation as a life priority.
      I recently tried my hand at making music for floatation tanks (sensory deprivation tanks).
      It was an extremely interesting challenge, as listeners ears are under water ! so sonically, it is very different. I never enjoyed making music more, and recognizing that this music was good for anxiety and meditation I’ve continued making such music, since anxiety levels have been running high this year with COVID.

      I was hoping to find some feedback, here on Puredhamma forums, on where these songs may fall a bit short in the scope of meditation – perhaps theyre too intrusive melodically?

      Im very conscious of being marked as advertising, being it is my first post, but I can’t say many of my friends share my love for chill-out music. I really do want to hear some critique. I’d also like to know where you all might think theres something repetitive, or missing, in the scene of meditation music. Any cliches you might be tired of? I’d like to bare these in mind for future creations.

      Thanks, and hello from New Zealand !

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      Hello Jonathan,

      Music and Buddha Dhamma do not mix well.

      I understand that music provides temporary relief from day-to-day stresses.
      – But the goal of Buddha Dhamma is to get to a permanent solution to the much deeper problem of suffering.

      But music (like all other sensory pleasures) is a hindrance to practicing the path of the Buddha.

      I have removed the link from your post.
      – I wish you well with your efforts.

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