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      “If you’re looking a feel-good story to kick off your holiday festivities, this probably isn’t it. Researchers at New York’s Stony Brook University School of Medicine claim they have determined that humans are aware when they’re dead.

      It isn’t due to some window into the afterlife or any supernatural elements. Instead, they found that the brain is still active for a time after the organs and heart stop functioning.”

      What they call “brain” here might be rather some process including addaya vatthu / gandhabba / manomaya kosha ?


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      I think it’s more like sleep paralysis rather than anything like that (Gandhabba etc)

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      y not

      Sleep paralysis as I had experienced it back in my 20’s is something like this:

      I was lying down on my bed in that 50-50 state between wakefulness and sleep. Then I heard a buzzing noise coming from inside, increasing in intensity until it took over completely.I just lay there ‘frozen’. That is: I knew my brain was awake, active, but my body would take no commands to move an arm or a leg, nor to open my eyes.

      Then the frightening thought: ‘what if I remain like this? No one will be able to shake me out of it.’ After that, every time I heard the first signs of the buzzing, I used to sit up,force my eyes open and hold on rigidly to the bed in order to drive it away.

      A truly terrifying experience. I sincerely hope no one comes to experience it.

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      Yes so from what I understand is more like this. I happen to experience it too and I relate that this is how it feels when you die when the body just becomes lump but your brain is still aware of everything. Gandhabba and other stuff would be different I think in that case.

      We all will experience it anyway at the moment of death.

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      My dear friends the emergence of curiosity of death is half the battle won. There is no stronger pill for knowing the tilakkana than the awareness of death.The puredhamma website has stated the reality in detail, nowhere to be found else.e.g the patisandhi chitta,particularly when bhava is to be changed say from human to animal etc. All terms i.e last chittavitthis, the aramanas, the clinging to it due to the dominant gathi. It has been so well stated that, if understood, need not worry of the future rebirth.Else where in other religion”s scriptures is also mentioned, but emphasis is on the processes involved in the retractment/escape of the subtle energies(pranas) which throughout lifetime has kept the body alive.,but its knowledge is of no use who is striving for liberation. The gathi predominant at the time of death and awareness is only the deciding factors for the next realm in which rebirth would take place. “Gathi”(reducing the bad one and cultivating the goodone) and increase in awareness level ,both the things are in our hands,thanks to buddha who has bestowed entire humanity to be kings than beggars in process of achieving in jesus”s terms kingdom of god which is nothing but the liberated state

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        @Anchal said “The gathi predominant at the time of death and awareness is only the deciding factors for the next realm in which rebirth would take place.”

        YES. Excellent Anchal. Be back to the other comments asap.

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      Anchal Said:
      May the blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma and Samgha be with you always!
      So you think that Jesus was an Arahant? Or did I misunderstand the phrase?

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      Hello Lvalio!
      You wrote: “So you think that Jesus was an Arahant? Or did I misunderstand the phrase?”

      To be an Arahant one needs to follow the Noble Eightfold Path.
      – There are documentaries saying that Jesus may have been exposed to Buddha Dhamma. But it is not likely to be significant exposure.
      – I am not sure what Anchal meant by his comment on Jesus.

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