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      hi lal
      could you please explain what does it mean in mahachattarika sutta that “this world does not exist”
      thank you very much
      sp tummala

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      Hello sptummala,

      Where does it say, “this world does not exist” in the sutta?

      Could you send the Pali verse or the reference to the English translation that makes that statement?

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      Greetings! @sptummala

      could you please explain what does it mean in mahachattarika sutta that “this world does not exist”

      In the MahāCattārīsaka Sutta (MN 117), the following Pāli verse is the Wrong Views:

      Katamā ca, bhikkhave, micchādiṭṭhi?
      ‘Natthi dinnaṁ, natthi yiṭṭhaṁ, natthi hutaṁ, natthi sukatadukkaṭānaṁ kammānaṁ phalaṁ vipāko, natthi ayaṁ loko, natthi paro loko, natthi mātā, natthi pitā, natthi sattā opapātikā, natthi loke samaṇabrāhmaṇā sammaggatā sammāpaṭipannā ye imañca lokaṁ parañca lokaṁ sayaṁ abhiññā sacchikatvā pavedentī’ti—ayaṁ, bhikkhave, micchādiṭṭhi.

      “And what, bhikkhus, is wrong view?
      ‘There is nothing given, nothing offered, nothing sacrificed; no fruit or result of good and bad actions; no this world, no other world; no mother, no father; no beings who are reborn spontaneously; no good and virtuous recluses and brahmins in the world who have realised for themselves by direct knowledge and declare this world and the other world.’ This is wrong view.

      If this world does not exists, you would not be around to ask this question.

      With mettā, Seng Kiat

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      Thanks, Seng Kiat.

      Yes. This is in #3 of “Mahā Cattārisaka Sutta (Discourse on the Great Forty)” and in the posts referred to #3 (ten types of wrong views.)

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      thank you very much seng kiat

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      Hi sptummala,

      I asked this question about “this world does not exist” under the following forum some time back:

      micca ditthi

      Look for Lal’s reply under #15229


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